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Welcome to my blog. Here I tell you all about my adventures as a shareware developer. This is a completely new undertaking for me, so I am bound to make a lot of mistakes. You can gloat over them or learn from them, it's up to you.

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All Is Quiet On New Year's Day (1/1/2006), Improving Trichromix (12/2/2005), Functional Fragging (11/28/2005), All Your Words (11/16/2005), Long Term Passion (11/12/2005), 50% Discount On Trichromix (11/11/2005), Trichromix Released (11/7/2005), Translating Is Not A Computer's Strong Suit (10/28/2005), Immediate Mode GUIs (10/27/2005), Composition vs. Inheritance (10/26/2005), Trichromix Finished But Not Released (10/25/2005), Just Close Your Eyes If You Can't Stand The Gore (10/19/2005), Fortunately, I Have My Priorities Straight (10/12/2005), I Am Willing (10/5/2005), Casual Game Design (9/29/2005), So, Where's That New Blog Of Yours? (9/23/2005), Trying Out WordPress (9/19/2005), The Future Of My Blog (9/7/2005), Free E-Book By Seth Godin (9/1/2005), PyWeek Game Programming Competition (8/27/2005), What Do You Mean, You're Still Not Convinced? (8/18/2005), Fa├žade (8/16/2005), Will The Dutch Market Become Ideal For Doing Business Online? (8/15/2005), A Game Engine In Haskell (8/11/2005), Licensing Issues (8/10/2005), All I Want Is To Kick Ass (8/5/2005), Smart Sales At Audible (7/25/2005), Language Savvy (7/22/2005), A Closer Look At The Game Loop (7/22/2005), Writing A Basic Game Engine (7/21/2005), How Come I'd Recommend Amazon Over Audible? (7/19/2005), It's Groundhog Day, Again (7/17/2005), If You Are A Winner, You Don't Need Any Help (7/10/2005), Pseudonym (7/4/2005), Proper Tail Calls (6/30/2005), The Timeless Way Of Game Design (6/16/2005), Is Anyone Interested In The Trichromix Source Code? (6/10/2005), How Current Copyright Law Encourages Innovation (6/10/2005), Why I Like Yellow Wood Studios Better Than Disney (6/6/2005), See What I Mean? (5/24/2005), Trichromix Demo (5/21/2005), Static Render Lists (5/19/2005), Trichromix Is Still Nearly Finished (5/16/2005), Emergence Is A Fad (4/29/2005), Never Rewrite Code From Scratch (4/15/2005), Emergent Story Systems (4/12/2005), The Possibilities Of Procedural Methods (3/23/2005), Generating Game Content (3/21/2005), Tool Rules (3/18/2005), How may I help you? (3/8/2005), Trichromix Beta 2 (2/28/2005), Innovative Game Design - Where I Want To Go (2/21/2005), Innovative Game Design - The Indie Perspective (2/21/2005), Innovative Game Design Symposium (2/21/2005), Game Theory (2/8/2005), Game Brands (2/4/2005), The Dexterity Of Steve Pavlina (2/1/2005), Trichromix Beta (1/28/2005), Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien (1/17/2005), Toolset (1/11/2005), Slow Progress (1/11/2005), Business Goals For 2005 (1/7/2005), Games And The ASP (1/7/2005), Unit Testing In C++ (1/7/2005), GUI Definition Language (1/4/2005), Book Recommendations (1/2/2005), The Trichromix Code Structure (12/19/2004), Is Your Demo Too Easy? (12/19/2004), Naming The Game (11/29/2004), Returning To C++ (11/29/2004), Choosing An Engine (11/21/2004), (11/16/2004), Tell Me What You Think (11/16/2004), Richard Grady Answers (11/3/2004), Automating Your Online Business (11/2/2004), Just Ask (11/2/2004), Keeping Up With The Community (10/25/2004), I Like To Ride My Bicycle (10/20/2004), RSS Feed (10/18/2004), Starting Out (10/12/2004)