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Monday, October 18, 2004

The RSS 2.0 Specification isn't exactly what I would call unambiguous. Nevertheless, I kept things simple and adding a newsfeed to my blog turned out to be very easy. So now you don't have to return to my web site all the time just to discover that I haven't written anything yet. I think both my readers will be pleased.

On a technical note, I much rather would have used the rss-extension for my feed, but my site is hosted on a virtual server and I don't think my provider would be willing to do the necessary configuration for a custom HttpHandler. I guess using an aspx-page works just as well.

If you have something to say about my newsfeed, just leave a comment. Uhm, no, I haven't implemented that yet. Well, I guess you can send me an e-mail while I go implement a comment system.

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