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Automating Your Online Business

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

This morning I read an article by Richard Grady about automating your online business. His message is that you should try to automate everything, because the more you automate, the more time you can spend on your products. I think that with the way the shareware model works, this will more or less happen anyway, but it is still valuable to make automating your business an active goal.

I am a bit surprised, however, that Richard claims that most days he spents about ninety percent of his time developing new products and websites. Doesn't that leave very little time for marketing? Most people who run a successful shareware business seem to say that you should spent as much time on marketing as possible. Maybe Richard sees that as an integral of part of 'developing' the product, but why then is marketing only number four on his list?

The article left me wondering how far you can go with automating your business. In particular, could you automate customer support and if so, to what degree?

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