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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

This weekend I received an e-mail from Henk Devos. He told me he was setting up a web site similar to slashdot, but only for shareware topics. It's called SharewareBlogs. I think this is a very nice idea and I hope he can make it work. With help of other people in the shareware community, of course.

Henk provides an aggregation of shareware blogs on his web site and he kindly asked if he could include mine. Of course! It is so cool to see my blog entries listed on someone else's web site. This proves to me that my blog is an important tool for establishing a name in the shareware community and that the time I put into this web site is time well-spent.

Henk's new web site is already online so go check out SharewareBlogs and help him to make it work!

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